Saturday Stats: Take Six

This week has been crazy busy, and as such I have not been great at planning.  This shows in my statistics this week:

Weight: 17 stone 7 LB (-1Ib)
Waist: 100 cm (+1cm)
Hips: 121 cm (-4cm)
Largest Part of bottom: 135 cm (0cm)
Under Bust: 93cm (-4cm)
Bust:  119 cm (-1cm)
Upper L Arm:38 cm (-3cm)
Upper R Arm: 40 cm (-1cm)
Thigh L: 77 cm (-2cm)
Thigh R: 77 cm (-2cm)

Why is it so so hard to lose weight, but so incredibly easy to gain weight?  I haven’t over eaten massively this week, and yet the weight has piled on.  Sigh.



I feel hungry all. of. the. time.

I clearly eat more than my body needs.

I am clearly greedy.

I think about food more than is strictly necessary.

I spend most of our family budget on food.

I can see my children beginning to view food as I do.

Food is the answer to most of the problems we face individually.

Hormonal?….eat food

Bored? …eat food

Busy?…eat food

Tired?…eat food

Energetic?…eat food

Stressed?…eat food

Relaxed?…eat food

Sad?…eat food

Happy?…eat food

Deserve a reward?…eat food

Feel like you don’t deserve anything?…eat food

Why am I writing all of this?  Because, honestly, it makes me sound like a greedy numpty, who has nothing better to do than eat her way through life.  The thing that scares me the most is watching all of my children on the same path.  And I know, that unless I do something to change the rhetoric, I can’t expect or even ask the rest of my family to.

I eat enough in a day to feed a starving child in Syria for a week, maybe even longer.

That feeling of hunger is more overpowering than any emotion.  It eats away at me.  It causes me to eat more than I need; to spend more money on food than I need; to give food a place in my life it doesn’t deserve.  Even when I’m not hungry, I am.

Each day I feel like I am going to war with myself.  And you know what?  There will never be a winner.  I might make healthy choices, but then there is an ache inside of me as if I have a need which has not been fulfilled.  Or worse, I might let that side of me make the choices: choices which are not so healthy, choices I need not to make because they play havoc with my future health.  Those choices make me feel good in the minute.  Really good.  Like I could conquer the world good.  But minutes later the self loathing begins.

I am literally at war with myself.  But in this war there is only losers, and no winners.  Even if I manage to go days or weeks making only good choices, the feeling of victory never comes.  Because there is a part of me which remains hungry.  And hunger is a thing.



The Importance of Water

As the battle to lose weight hots up for the holidays I am looking to add to my arsenal of tools I can use to help.  And I am finding water is one of those things.  Most (not all) mornings I get up at just before five.  My husband drops me off on his way to work approximately 3000 steps away from my home and I walk home.  It gets in some exercise before the business of home and family take over and it enables me to get in a nice chunk of steps very early on in my day.  I take a flask of filtered refrigerated water with me with the goal of having it finished by the time I get home.  Running in a quick bath I grind some coffee beans for the first of two lattes, filling up the flask as I go.  I use my bath time as a specific time in my day to pray for my husband, my mum and my beautiful children.  And I sip as I pray.  I drink my coffee ( an enemy to my H2O goals but too important to me to give up) as I have my quiet time, and then snuggle back down into bed for a quick snooze before the children wake me up.  This means that by 7am I am hydrated, exercised, cleaned, napped and prayerfully ready to start the day!  And the first thing I do?  Fill up that flask of course!

Apart from the well known and essential roles water plays within one’s body, water also goes a long way to filling me up and ensuring that I never mistake thirst for hunger.  I use a bog-standard water filter which the children know to fill up each time they use it, meaning I have chilled, tasty water all day long.

Little Decisions Maketh the Man (or in this case Woman)

I am slowly learning that it is not the big acts which help lose weight.  It’s not the ‘Atkins’ the ‘Weight watchers’ or the ‘Slimming World’ membership.  It’s not even the giving up of sugar….fats…carbs….or the ingesting of a paleo, liquid, protein only diet.  Oh no, no, no.  It is, in fact, about the teeny tiny decisions made every minute of every day.

Taking the stairs rather than the lift.  No sugar in a cup of tea.  A small slice of cake.  A salad instead of chips.  Small decisions which quickly add up.  No it is not the massive gestures which make up the body, mind and soul, it is the small decisions quietly carried out each and every day of our lives.  They are our legacy.  They are what make us the women we are.  Small decisions.  Made over and over again.  Until a habit is formed.  Those habits will then decide character.  And it is that character which ultimately decides our destiny.

A healthy future?  An unhealthy future?  I decide.  Because my actions will always follow my thoughts.  And my thoughts are under my control.

Saturday Stats: Take Five

Here they are….

Weight: 17 stone 5 LB (-3Ib)
Waist: 98 cm (-1cm)
Hips: 119 cm (-6cm)
Largest Part of bottom: 134 cm (-1cm)
Under Bust: 93cm (-4cm)
Bust:  113.5 cm (-6.5cm)
Upper L Arm:38 cm (-3cm)
Upper R Arm: 40 cm (-1cm)
Thigh L: 79 cm (/cm)
Thigh R: 77 cm (-2cm)

Everything stayed the same apart from my weight (1Ib heavier) and my waist (1cm larger)  but to be honest, I think hormones and time of the month have something to do with those readings.


Saturday Stats: Take 3

This week I have had too much sugar.  However, possibly counteracting that was more movement than usual, getting up nice and early and eating breakfast every. single. day. and feeling better for it.

The figures without the brackets are this week’s measurements and the ones in brackets are number of Ibs or cms lost or gained in total

Weight: 17 stone 5.5 LB (-2.5Ib)
Waist: 101 cm (+2cm)
Hips: 123 cm (-2cm)
Largest Part of bottom: 135 cm (-cm)
Under Bust: 95cm (-2cm)
Bust:  117 cm (-3cm)
Upper L Arm:40 cm (-1cm)
Upper R Arm: 40 cm (-1cm)
Thigh L: 76 cm (-3cm)
Thigh R: 78 cm (-3cm)